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14A1 Diamond Grinding Wheel Resin Bonded Grinder Disc Sharpening

14A1 Diamond Grinding Wheel Resin Bonded Grinder Disc Sharpening

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    Resin Bonded sharpening wheel


    14A1 diamond grinding sharpening wheel


    Resin Bonded Grinder Disc wheel

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14A1 Diamond Grinding Wheel Resin Bonded Grinder Disc Sharpening

Resin Bonded Grinder disc sharpening wheel 14A1 diamond grinding wheel


this resin wheel is usinghigh quality diamond raw material with good self-sharpeningand excellent grinding effect

Resin bond is usually made with heat-cured resin mainly composed of phenolic resib Resin bond wheel has excellent grinding ability , surface finish and minimal chipping. It is widely applied for difficult- to-machine materials such as cemented carbide,ceramics, glass,and silicon as well as ferroous materials such as high-speed steels and sintered ferrous metals.


Grit size incl. Mesh 80/100#(D181), 100/120#(D151), 120/140#(D126), 140/170#(D107), 170/200#(D91), 200/230#(D76), 230/270#(D64), 270/325#(D54), 325/400#(D46)




Size Diameter Thickness Inner hole Grit Size
  100mm 6mm 31.75mm



Our Advantages

1. High stability. The company is engaged in the production of diamond grinding wheel for a long time, and the technology is stable and reliable.

2. Good cutting force. Use specially formulated metal bond to ensure good cutting force and high efficiency.

3. Good shape retention. Special formula ensures that the sharp corners are not easily worn.

4. Self-sharpness is good. In the case of ensuring the cutting force, the good self-sharpness can be kept stable cutting force.

5. Different formulas. Different power grinders have a matching formula to meet different effects.



Resin diamond grinding tools are used for semi-fine grinding and fine grinding of hard alloy tools and nonmetallic materials, hard and brittle hard alloy workpieces and some nonmetallic materials. It also included surface grinding, excircle grinding, centerless grinding, cutter grinding, fine grinding, and double disc grinding.


14A1 Diamond Grinding Wheel Resin Bonded Grinder Disc Sharpening 0



If you need to customize, please provide the following information:

1. Dimensions, including outer diameter, aperture, thickness, width and thickness of abrasive layer;

2. Abrasive, abrasive sand particle and concentration;

3. Adhesive;

4. Wheel application;

5. Pictures and drawings of wheels;

We can then design and quote for you



NOTE: We have over 1000 types of diamond cbn grinding wheels, if the grinding wheel you are using is not found here, please send us your grinding wheel picture and contact us with your details.