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Four Size Resin Bond Grinding Wheel High Efficiency For Ball Bearing Industry

Four Size Resin Bond Grinding Wheel High Efficiency For Ball Bearing Industry

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Four Size Resin Bond Grinding Wheel High Efficiency For Ball Bearing Industry

For Ball Bearing Industry Resin Grinding Wheel




Diameter Thickness Hole Abrasive material Grit Hardness Bond
800 30-90 350/390/440 GC/WA JIS 100/2000/3000/4000/6000 Y B
720 30-90 300
700 30-60 420
660 30-60 440



Detailed introduction


In recent years, the requirements of vehicle production have become more and more strict
Mainly from the requirements of improving quality and reducing cost. In particular, the demand of the ball shaft industry for more efficient production methods, the improvement of environmental protection awareness, the use of materials for complete control, and this can only be achieved by today's high-tech means. Ultimately, the ball production industry, which is highly demanding on quality, will have a responsibility to constantly adopt innovative tools and processes. "Resin grinding wheel" and "grinding instead of grinding process" have changed the traditional grinding tools and grinding process, and have played a positive role in improving the quality of steel balls. We are committed to working closely with all industrial sectors involved in ball production to achieve the best results.


Main advantages of using resin grinding wheel

* High quality steel ball, low noise

* Greatly reduce the grinding time, improve the efficiency of the machine tool and reduce power consumption
* Low cleaning cost, low consumption of guide plate, low grinding cost
* Improving working conditions is conducive to environmental protection
* Use oil or emulsifier as grinding fluid


Product usage


Specifications of steel ball 5/16" 7/16" 13/16"
grinding fluid(oil/water),PH Water Water oil
Grinding time of each batch of balls(hr) 20 20 16
efficiency(μm/hr) 1.6 1.2 1.5
Qualitative date Batch ball change(μm) qualified 0.3 0.4
Ball diameter variation(μm) qualified 0.2 0.3
spherical deviation(μm) qualified 0.2 0.3
surfaceness(μm) qualified 0.0116 qualified


Installation and use of resin grinding wheel

* The grinding wheel is firmly bonded to the metal base plate with epoxy resin adhesive
* Groove the grinding wheel on a machine or lathe with PCD diamond circular turning tool
* Select a suitable oil or emulsion grinding fluid. The PH value of the emulsion grinding fluid shall not be greater than 9
* Resin grinding wheels can be used on both vertical and horizontal machine tools
* The grinding wheel rotation speed is 20~40 RPM, the pressure is 8~30KN, and the ball loading is 180 ~300 kg
* The grinding efficiency is suitable at 1.5-2.0um /hr
* After the grinding wheel grooves are gradually deepened, diamond cutters are used for continuous or interstional dressing


Product pictures

Four Size Resin Bond Grinding Wheel High Efficiency For Ball Bearing Industry 0Four Size Resin Bond Grinding Wheel High Efficiency For Ball Bearing Industry 1


Why choose  us?

1,We are factory production, the price is favorable
2,Experienced in making sure that the cutting edge is sharp and the cutting surface is smooth and wear resistant.
3,Using mirror grinding technology, the production of large space design
4,Fast chip removal speed, high cutting efficiency, dynamic balance test
5,We have regular sizes and can also be customized according to the drawings

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