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Lightweight Flex Hone Brush Customized Honing Tools High Efficiency

Lightweight Flex Hone Brush Customized Honing Tools High Efficiency

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    honing brush set


    cylinder ball hone

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    Polishing Brush
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    carton box
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    5-8work days
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    L/C, T/T
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    2000pcs per month

Lightweight Flex Hone Brush Customized Honing Tools High Efficiency

Diversification Abrasive Flexible Honing Brush For Machining Inner Hole Surface



Detailed Product Description:

Abrasive: Boron Carbide, Black Silicon Carbide, Green Silicon Carbide, Brown Corundum, White Corundum Dressing: No Need
Advantage: It Mainly Used For Precision Hole Polishing And Cylinder Benefit: Light In Weight
Install: Usually Was Used For Precision Hole Polishing And Cylinder Color: Diversification






This product comes in a wide range of specifications and abrasive types, and customized honing tools are suitable for a wide range of materials, including soft, non-ferrous metals, carbides, and ceramics


Common specification of abrasive honing brush: 4---500mm


Particle size of abrasive honing brush: 120,150,180,220,240,280,320,360,400,500,600,800,1000 etc#


Materials commonly used in abrasive honing brush: boron carbide, black silicon carbide, green silicon carbide, brown corundum, white corundum


Recommended speed of abrasive honing brush: 600-1400 RPM




Technics Characteristic:


(1)Honing is an efficient machining method that can make the machining surface of workpiece reach high precision, high surface quality and high life span. It can effectively improve size accuracy, shape accuracy and reduce Ra value, but cannot improve the position accuracy of holes and other surfaces.



(2)It can be used to process cast iron, hardened steel and bronze, but it is not suitable to process non-ferrous metal with high toughness.




(3)Honing is mainly used for hole machining. In the process of hole honing, the original hole center is used to guide. Processing aperture range of 5~ 500, with a depth diameter ratio of 10.




(4)Honing is widely used to process cylinder bore, oil cylinder bo

re, valve bore and various gun bore in mass production. It can also be used in small batch production.






1,Reduce surface roughness, brush and remove burrs, flat reticulated structure


2,Honing brush has the function of polishing. After honing, the hole has a higher precision, so as to achieve a more accurate match


3,Abrasive honing brush is mainly used for precision hole polishing and cylinder, cylinder body, cylinder liner, valve body, seat dressing and polishing.


4,Widely used in aerospace, automotive, hydraulic and other industries.


5,Furthermore, the tool is flexible in structure and self-centered and self-adjusting to compensate for any wear and tear.





1,We have our own factory ,so we can make a lot of flexible honing brush one month, our supply capacity can be guaranteed.


2,And we can also produce according to your drawings and requirements ,all kinds of them.


3,Feel free to contact me if you need them.

Lightweight Flex Hone Brush Customized Honing Tools High Efficiency 0



Why choose us:


1. Customize your tailored product to satisfy you unexpected need, from appearance to function. 24 hour one to one service. 

2. Manufacturers direct source of goods, no middleman, give you first-hand supply, give you intimate service.


3. Brush wire materials can be customized, materials can be selected, a variety of materials, such as plastic, nylon wire, horse hair, mane, etc.