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High Hardness Abrasive CBN Sharpening Wheels B213 Grit Size ISO9001

High Hardness Abrasive CBN Sharpening Wheels B213 Grit Size ISO9001

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    cbn chainsaw grinding wheels


    cbn abrasive wheels

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    CBN Sharpening Wheels Manufacturer
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    Super Hard
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    Negotiable (The price depends on the size)
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    Purple color square box
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    2000 pcs per month

High Hardness Abrasive CBN Sharpening Wheels B213 Grit Size ISO9001

CBN Sharpening Wheels Used For Wood Mizer Size Twelve Inches





CBN grinding wheel uses CBN (cubic boron nitride) abrasive as raw material and electroplated metal as bonding agent to make circular abrasive for grinding, polishing and grinding. It has advantages in processing black metal compared with diamond grinding wheel.The CBN grinding wheel has a sharper grain size and a longer service life. The polished saw blade is sharper and smoother, allowing the user to polish the tool better.The grinding wheel will be more wear-resistant and sharp , they specialize in sharpening woodworking band saws​.If you are excited or need, we can deliver the goods to you in a short time, our supply capacity is not a problem.





OD Inside Diameter Thickness Angle Grit Size
12" 203.2mm 22.23mm 10/30 B213




1.High hardness, high toughness
High hardness, high toughness Cubic boron nitride (CBN) is a harder material that is second only to diamonds synthesized by humans. It is much higher than ordinary corundum and silicon carbide abrasives, so it has better cutting ability and sharper.


2.Strong chemical inertia
Cubic boron nitride is not easy to react with iron group elements, so it has high temperature and high hardness for various high speed steel, tool steel, die steel, high alloy hardened steel, chrome steel, nickel alloy, powder metallurgy steel and high temperature alloy. Grinding of materials with low thermal conductivity is very suitable.


3.High work efficiency and comprehensive economic benefits
Sharp grinding, small grinding force, long dressing cycle of CBN grinding wheel, less dressing and long replacement time; long service life and high grinding ratio, better economical performance, good shape retention during use, no need to be frequent Replacing the grinding wheel and dressing the grinding wheel saves man-hours and improves working conditions, which is conducive to processing operations.


4.Our factory has been in production for ten years, and our factory is now in the national ecological plating park, which can be stably supplied.


5.There are many benefits, you can use it to understand more benefits.




1)CBN sharpening wheels(Electroplated grinding wheels) are sharpr and can be used to cut your tools faser .


2) Longer life than ordinary grinding wheels .


3) The balance of the grinding wheel is good.


4) Outter diameter is no change from stat to end .


5) No dust when grinding .



High Hardness Abrasive CBN Sharpening Wheels B213 Grit Size ISO9001 0

A. Tooth Spacing-is the distance between each tooth from one tip to another.
F. Blade Width -distance between the tip and base of the blade. Use wider blades for high horsepower sawmills and a faster feed rate. Use a narrow blade for lower horsepower sawrmills and for more difficult sawing.
B. Gullet -captures and removes sawdust
. Tooth Height - is the distance from the lowest point of the gullet to the tip of the tooth.
G. Blade Thickness - Thinner blades (035", 038" 042") are designed for lower horsepower sawrmills, and thicker blades (.045",.050" .055") are for higher horsepower.
D. Hook Angle -is the number of degrees that the toothi face leans forward of 90 degrees.
E. Tooth Set -the distance the tooth is bent beyond the body of the blade